VPM Meditation Retreats with Roxanne
November 1st - 7th 2023 register
January 10th - 16th 2024register
Roxanne Scully & 14 Participants

Wake up each day to the sound of the ocean. Roxanne’s Vipassana meditation retreat at Villa Playa Maria in Rincon, Puerto Rico is an opportunity to slow down and connect to what is truly important.

Whether you are new to meditation or reconnecting and deepening your practice, Rincon provides a magical backdrop for rest and renewal. Talks, mindfulness experiences, and daily meditations offer an invitation to pause and connect with Puerto Rico's beautiful natural environment. Time is dedicated to self reflection and holding space for others in the group.

In the Villas tranquil space, participants will spend the day immersed in a gentle flow of activities ranging from surfing, paddle boarding, salt water pool, and snorkeling as well as yoga, silent walks along the beach, delicious chef prepared dinners and trips to Rincon to experience the local food and culture.
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